Film Audience Blueprint

The most comprehensive course on the internet for indie filmmakers who want to create meaningful films, build audiences, cut out the distribution middle men, and earn a damn good living doing what they love. Rigorously tested, and proven on narrative films, docs, shorts, and series in any conceivable genre.

Filmmaker's Guide to Success

A systematic approach for getting clarity on your ideal career in film, then making progress towards it every single day. You'll also learn how to earn a living, create a body of work you're proud of, build your network, and more.

Build Your Film Tribe

A tribe is your most powerful asset as an indie filmmaker. A tribe helps you make quality films quickly, and for less money. A tribe increases your resources, and your resourcefulness. And finally, a tribe provides a level of joy, connection, and fulfillment that many of us are missing in this digital, disconnected world. So build your film tribe, already!

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