What "community" really means, and how to create it.

At the heart of Freedom Fighters is a shared vision: we're all working towards a future where we make a damn good living with the films we care about.

That's the glue that binds us together.

But frankly, a community should be more than people pursuing a similar self-interested goal. It must go deeper.

In his wonderful book, The Art of Community, Charles Vogl defines a community as "a group of individuals who share a mutual concern for each other's welfare."

I love that.

When I first read that passage, though, I had a realization that bummed me out.

Though I’ve been in dozens, maybe hundreds, of online filmmaking groups through the years, not once have I been part of a real community.

Sure, I’d been part of local groups that lived up to that definition, but never online.

That’s why I set out to make Freedom Fighters the embodiment of a real community. I wanted it to be a place that would genuinely support and uplift its members, rather than just being another online distraction.

It took some time, and a lot of failed experiments, but I finally cracked the code to make it work.

The secret sauce is that it’s a small, intimate group of likeminded people. Instead of letting anyone and everyone in, I make sure that only the most committed, industrious filmmakers gain entry.

Beyond that, everyone who signs up agrees to live by the Freedom Fighters code of conduct.

More about that in a moment.

If you’re saying to yourself, “geez, that sounds like a lot of hoops to jump through to be part of an online community,” you’re right.

By putting up barriers to entry, we ensure that only the people who genuinely care get in. By making it tough and time-consuming to apply, we guarantee that members are committed and resilient.

So yes, it's a lot. But I promise it’s worth it.

Here’s just some of the stuff that happens in Freedom Fighters (beyond the great discussions and connections you'll make)

As I mentioned earlier, we gather in Freedom Fighters to work towards both artistic and financial freedom with our films. That's our shared goal.

To that end, we have a unique structure that helps us collectively move towards that vision every single month. Here's what you can expect when you sign up.

  • A new "theme" every month, and exclusive weekly lessons around that theme. The goal is to share everything I know about making a living as a rebellious indie filmmaker.
  • The "filmpreneur" book club, where each month we have several relevant book choices, then we jump on a call later in the month and each share what we learned from our respective choices. (This way, we get the insights from multiple books each month, instead of just one).
  • Weekly accountability, so that you can leverage the power of community and stay accountable to your goals and commitments.
  • Feedback on your films, your reel, your business/marketing campaigns, or anything else—all from a group of people who are invested in your success.
  • Exclusive content that I'll never post on the site or newsletter, and early access to other content before it gets shared publicly.
  • Weekly office hours, where you can come hang out with me on a video call and get your questions answered, or we can just shoot the breeze and talk about movies, or marketing, or cats.
  • Occasional interviews/Q&As with expert filmmakers and entrepreneurs.

Basically, if you jive with the Filmmaker Freedom philosophy, and you want more great content and interaction, this is the community for you.

And the best part is, all of this stuff is free.

There is still a price, though.

The price you pay is about giving a damn about other members, and living by the Freedom Fighter code of conduct.

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